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Wet grass

Core Aeration & Overseeding

During the hot summer, grass becomes dry and brittle, and the soil becomes compacted and prone to cracking, creating an undesirable lawn. For many homeowners, having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood is vital. One way to maintain lush green grass is by core aerating and overseeding your yard. In this blog, I will discuss several aeration and overseeding benefits and provide tips to guarantee a healthy green lawn year-round. 


What is core aeration and overseeding? 

During the procedure, a machine called a core aerator "hole punches" your lawn. This method removes dirt plugs from your lawn, giving your grass more access to ventilation and water input. When you overseed the yard, the holes also aid in better grass seed germination since the seeds fall directly into the soil instead of merely resting on the top layer. Spreading grass seed over the turf to encourage new growth and a thicker lawn is known as overseeding. 


Aeration & Overseeding Benefits

  1. Improved Lawn Appearance: If you struggle with a patchy, brown lawn, you will significantly benefit from this service. Within 7-10 days, bright green grass starts to fill in those ugly bare spots. 

  2. Better Drainage: Yards become heavily compacted from foot traffic and settle over time. Compacted soil causes puddles of water in the yard when it rains and is a critical sign that the water is not absorbing into your lawn as it should be. The aerator breaks up the soil to improve drainage and helps reduce compaction. 

  3. A Thicker Lawn: Aeration allows moisture, nutrients, and air to reach the grassroots. When paired with overseeding, the seed fills in the gaps that don't have grass and promotes new growth.  

  4. Reduces Weeds: A thicker lawn gives weeds a lower chance of finding places to sprout in. The best way to push them out is by filling all the bare spots in the ground with new grass seeds. 

  5.  Erosion Reduction: If your lawn suffers from bare spots, you may have had some erosion problems. One way to combat this issue is to overseed, which will thicken your grass and, in return, will hold the soil and water in place, reducing soil erosion.

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